1st SuM4All Consortium Meeting

Date & Time
January 11th, 2017

World Bank HQ, Washington DC

Event Info

This meeting set in motion an inclusive and voluntary process to develop a much-needed umbrella vision for the transport sector - around a few goals - a tracking framework and a global program of actions. Its intent was also to build trust among participants and the broader international transport community to join forces and accelerate global action on sustainable mobility. Participants agreed on the importance of engaging soon with countries and the private sector on this effort. It was believed, though, that we would reach out to them with a stronger voice, if we act collectively.

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An agreement that we need a unifiying vision for transport/mobility around a few clearly defined goals.

Overarching Political Goal

The overarching narrative should clarify whether it is about "equitable access," "sustainable mobility for all," or "sustainable transport for all."


Participants reached consensus on three attributes - safety, green (and clean), and "for all"/equity - of the vision.


It was agreed to set up the following mechanisms to advance the work of the initiative: Open-ended Working Groups (one for each goal), Interim Steering Committee and the Broad Group.

2017 External Engagement

It was agreed that the work (and the interim structure) would span over 2017 and that the Interim Steering Committee, with support from the five Working Groups, would use any opportunities offered by high-profile external events to strategically engage/seek feedback and buy-in/develop more solid products.