SuM4All Charter Ceremony

Date & Time
January 10th, 20184:45 PM

Atrium, World Bank HQ

Event Info

Partners of the SuM4All initiative gathered at the World Bank Headquarters to endorse the newly unveiled SuM4All Charter which upon signing formalized their membership in the initiative.

Laura Tuck, Vice President of Sustainable Development for the World Bank who graced the occasion, highlighted that the Charter celebrated the values that lay at the heart of this initiative – values of partnership, cooperation, constructive dialogue, engagement, and commitment to promoting gender equality in all our activities.

She continued that it is because of honoring these values, that the membership of this initiative had grown substantially and achieved much since its inception one and a half years ago. Bearing this in mind, we now seek to institutionalize these values through the endorsement of the SuM4All Charter.

Press Releases of Member Organization

  1. Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP)

  2. International Road Transport Union (IRU)

  3. European Cyclists Federation (ECF)

  4. International Road Federation (IRF)

  5. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)