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Consortium Membership

SuM4All Consortium Membership

Currently over 60 key transport organizations and agencies from around the world --Development Banks; Bilateral Donor Organizations; Global Civil Society Organizations; UN Agencies, Programs and Regional Commissions; NGO’s and Academic Institutions – are members of the SuM4All Consortium.

Consortium Meetings

  • 1st Consortium Meeting -Washington DC, USA (January, 2017)

  • Established governance structure of SuM4All until December 2017: A Steering Committee + 5 Working Groups.

  • Process established to prepare the first assessment of the Global Mobility Report(GMR).


  • 2nd Consortium Meeting – Leipzig, Germany (May, 2017)

  • Review of the draft GMR

  • Engaged with key transport Ministers



  • 3rd Consortium Meeting

  • Launch of the first draft Road Map of Action

  • Launch of External Stakeholders Mapping Initiative


If your organization wishes to apply for a SuM4All Consortium Membership, please send a short description of your organization’s work along with an expression of interest indicating your organization’s willingness to sign off on the below charter.

SuM4All Charter

As a SuM4All Consortium Member our organization is entitled to:

  • Access to a high level influential network of transport practitioners.

  • The opportunity to define the international sustainable mobility agenda and influence its global direction.

  • Featuring of the Consortium Member’s activities and achievements at SuM4All events, on the SuM4All newsletter, website and joint outputs such as reports, provided that their work supports SuM4All priorities.

  • Featuring information about the consortium member on the SuM4All External Stakeholders Mapping initiative which serves as an inventory of transport organizations around the world and the work that they do.

  • The listing of the logos of Consortium Members on a dedicated webpage of the SuM4All website along with a link to the Consortium Member’s website.


As a SuM4All Consortium Member, our organization pledges to:

  • Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue that strives to advance the interests of the initiative, both within the group and in liaison functions.

  • Actively participate and contribute substantively to SuM4All joint outputs, at SuM4All Consortium Member meetings and in other decision making processes of the initiative.

  • Contribute a minimum financial contribution or in kind to the initiative.

  • Share SuM4All work and accomplishments in their communication materials and at their events.

  • Providing up to date information about the Consortium Member to be displayed on the SuM4All External Stakeholders Mapping initiative.


SuM4All Consortium Membership Review

I understand that my organization’s membership as a SuM4All Consortium member will be reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure my organization has met the above stipulated obligations. A recurring failure to meet these commitments can lead to the termination of my organization’s membership.


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