Global Tracking Framework

What is the Global Tracking Framework?

The Global Tracking Framework for transport is a new platform of indicators and data to help track global progress towards sustainable mobility. This new tool was developed with the support of the UK Government's Department for International Development, as well as from all the members of the SuM4All Consortium.

The vision for sustainable mobility is built around four global objectives—universal access, efficiency, safety and green mobility. The Global Tracking Framework identifies targets for these four objectives and tracks or measures them with data and indicators. The Global Tracking Framework is composed of a few principal and several supporting indicators. The objectives of developing a Global Tracking Framework for transport are twofold:

  • First, to monitor global progress toward the four objectives of SuM4All. Global progress reflects the sum of all efforts across all the countries covered. Thus, the framework will require country-level data and indicators.

  • Second, to support the tracking of the transport-related SDG targets by helping develop the existing SDG indicators (tier II and tier III in the SDG structure) that do not have an established methodology or sufficient data coverage.

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