Our Partners & Structure

In January 2017, 50 leading organizations and agencies in the transport sector, convened at the World Bank HQ in Washington DC and committed to supporting transport policies and systems that would transform mobility on a global scale.


As part of our commitment to establish a diverse, inclusive and representative Steering Committee, SuM4All Consortium Members elected their representatives for a two year term, starting July 1st, 2018.


Steering Committee


15 seats for leading actors committed to position sustainable mobility as a top priority in the global development agenda, enhance coordination and collaboration among member organizations and encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Entities represented on the Steering Committee would be expected to make a financial or in-kind contribution during their tenure to help meet the costs of running SuM4All. Download TOR


The 15 Steering Committee members are committed to the following principles:


Participation & Representation of stakeholders most relevant to deliver effectively on the functions of SuM4All;


Transparency in decision making and implementation;


Focus on the achievement of the 4 global goals across all modes of transportation to reflect the uniqueness of the platform;


Cost Effectiveness; with an ability to attract financial resources to sustain its functions over the next 4 years.


Country/City Advisory Committee

Senior government and city officials interested in influencing the policy content and activities of SuM4All and playing an active role in implementing innovative ideas. 


Diverse and influential transport organizations and agencies that pledged to the vision of SuM4All and are interested in influencing the global, regional and country agenda on mobility and transport.


The World Bank will perform the secretariat functions. Download TOR